Stuck with the latest puzzle game Bold Moves? Use these answers for the cheats phrases to help you quickly solve the puzzles. Here are the solutions!

It should be noted that depending on the wheel piece that you have chosen, the quotes tied to the levels will be different. Find the answers either by going through the entire database, or through our presorted lists. Enjoy and good luck!


Levels 1~30
Growth | Aspiration
Happiness | Wellness
Relationships | Gratitude

Levels 31~66
Growth | Aspiration
Happiness | Wellness
Relationships | Gratitude

Levels 67~108
Growth | Aspiration
Happiness | Wellness
Relationships | Gratitude

Level 109~156
Growth | Aspiration (In Progress)
Happiness | Wellness
Relationships | Gratitude


Follow Your Passion. It will lead you to your purpose.
You Were Born For This wilderness.
Imagination Is Our Soul.
Don’t Accept Less than a Joyful Life.
I Believe That If You'll Just Stand Up And Go, Life Will Open Up For You.

For areas where you cannot get to such as center pieces or weird angle, you will need to use special powers to destroy those blocks. Below is a list of all the power up in Bold Moves and how to get them. We will also list out the special effects when you combine different power jewels together.

Timed Stages and Quotes Solving
For timed stages, it should be noted that the timer “stops” once you enter the solving part of the game. So you can take your time to make sure that you enter the quotes correctly.

Power Cells
4 of a kind = Destroys a horizontal or vertical row depending on how you form the
L Shape = Sunflower bloom which destroys an area
T Shape = Lilly bloom which destroys two rows (1 vert and 1 horizontal) that are + crosses of each other
5 of a kind = Butterfly which destroys all the colored cells that you swap with.

Special Combines:
Sunflower Bloom + Sunflower Bloom = Destroy a 6×6 area.

Lilly Bloom + Lilly Bloom = Destroy a 6 rows (3 vert and 3 horizontal) that are + crosses of each other.

Sunflower Bloom + Lilly Bloom = This is one of the most powerful combo in the game, it removes every single jewels on the board.

Sunflower Bloom + 4 of a kind = Destroy a 3 row direction based on the direction of the 4 of a kind.

Lilly Bloom + 4 of a Kind = Destroy a 3 row direction base on the direction of the 4 of a kind plus 1 single across row

Butterfly + 4 of a kind = Changes all the colors on the board as 4 of a kind into 4 of a kind block.

Butterfly + Lilly Bloom = Shooting stars will fall and change jewels to random colors. This combine can be useful in some stages, since the effect is likely to create even more powerups or good setups to create power ups. However, this is not a good combine for boards that are small or fragmented.

Butterfly + Sun Flower Bloom = Shooting stars will fall randomly and break blocks in a 3×3 area.

Butterfly + Butterfly = Removes All the Colors on the board one color at a time. This is useful for stages with multiple levels of lawn (rocks), since it can break them multiple times as the effect carries through.

Pre-Game Boosts
Pre-Game Color Purge
Three butterfly Starter: 29 Diamonds.

Pre-game starfall Booster
Three Starfall starters: 19 Diamonds

Pre-game bomb booster
Three Sunflower Starters: 19 Diamonds

Pre-game line clear Booster
Three White Lily Starters: 29 Diamonds

Mid-Game Boosts
Lightning Bolt – Remove 1 Single Jewel

Tornado Wind – Shuffles Jewels

Starfall – Remove Jewels – Note that it counts as a break so that it can break grass or vines.

Water Stream – Remove 5 connecting jewels.

Money Spending Advice
The Bold Moves levels are typically designed so that you barely make it most of the time with a couple moves to spare. The key is to decide what kind of special power to aim for while playing the stage. Certain levels require you to get more butterfly, and some requires you to get Lily + Sunflower Combo.

You should only spend money or diamonds to extend your levels when you KNOW 100% for sure that you are missing 1~2 moves.

The move extension at the end of level is usually a much better investment than pre-stage boosters. Since pre-stage boosters is big dice toss for your luck after that initial boost. Move extension for stages that you know for sure can be beat offers the best value for the money.

Lastly, try to play the stage at least 10 times before you opt for the jewels spending, this rule of thumb can save you lots of money for the long term. On average each level takes us about 2~3 tries, with harder stages taking 10 times or more.


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  1. Spent almost $100 on level 70…
    I’m still stuck.
    What is that trick that I’m missing?
    I keep coming soo close, yet so far away.

    • PLEASE don’t give this game your hard earned money!
      You know Oprah isn’t hurting for money! Lol!
      Just enjoy the game…’ll eventually get to the next level. That’s how I try to look at it. I do get frustrated too at times. But I always hang onto my $$$$$$…..????????

    • Before you click the button with the level number in it, look at the top left of your screen for a blue tab with an angle bracket. Click the blue tab to bring up a menu. Then click the settings button which looks like a gear. The sound is in the middle above the next choices. Good luck.

  2. My Woman recommended this site I love her .I am crazy about her. I like the site! !!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Any hints for 1st level of wellness in levels 109-156? For me it’s level 149 might have been different level # for others. “Make the process your goal” is the word puzzle. Having trouble with the cacti and the mid level block where there’s no row to help eliminate. Any hints would be appreciated

    • Oh I really hate those timed ones! And the background music just makes it worse. Sometimes I turn the volume down just so the music doesn’t make me so nervous. It’s bad enough I’m on a timer…. I don’t need background music that indicative of someone being chased by the chainsaw massacre to make matters even worse. ????

  4. How do u make water drops come down. I’ve done several levels several times where I only lose because I was not offered enough water drops.

  5. Can anyone help me pass level 196? Been stuck on it for almost 3 weeks & I play everyday. I’m about to give up on the whole game

  6. I’m on level 47 my screen is blocked with a shadow and I can’t see part of the level. Top left corner is blacked. Does anyone know how to clear this?

  7. how do i get one of my flower boosts in the beginning to unlock, i have accumulated 6 of these so far and the system and locked me out of receiving the boost in the beginning of my game….what’s going on and how do i fix this

  8. how do i unlock one of my beginning flower boosts, it shows that i have 6 available and i keep adding on but the game will not allow me to use them because they are locked, how can i fix this so i can move on

  9. I have gotten to level 148 x2 times w/ resolution but it just freezes up and i cannot move on….last time i restarted my ipad i lost the win anf took me days to complete again— any ideas?!?

  10. I am at level 164 for a long time. How do I get rid of the fire flyes. This level has taken me for a loop. I have tried everything without success. Please help

    • You have to zap the flies twice to get them flapping doesn’t matter if you use a Lily or a four in a row. the trick is not to hit them a third time or you have to start over. Once you have all six flapping you win

  11. I’m on level 273. The reindeer blow up before they get to the bottom. they need to get to the bottom so I can score and move to level 274. any advice?

  12. How do you make the firefly “fly” on level 247? I’m not sure how to affect the little box in the upper right hand corner. Anybody have an answer, please?????

  13. I have been stuck on level 290 for several months now. I’m to the point where I am about to delete the game. Please help!

  14. Played new bonus Summer Solstice. Supposedly there are 38 obstacles to be destroyed. I destroy all that I see but game says there’s still one more. I don’t see it anywhere! This has happened to me 4 times. I clear the entire board yet the counter says there’s 1 more. Is it me or is there a glitch?

  15. i’m on level 191 and I lost all my boosts. don’t know what happened. anybody else have this problem and is there a way to get them back?

  16. STUCK ON 109!!!!! HELP!!! I can’t even get close to finishing the clams!!! I know the phrase, I just can’t get there!!!

  17. I’ve been trying to get pass level 95 since year help. I don’t understand the 4 items at the bottom of the page what how are they used?

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